Vivo The First Smartphone To Introduce Synoptics

Vivo The First Smartphone To Introduce Synoptics – Inbuilt Display Fingerprint Sensor

Vivo is one of the leading smartphone manufacturers gearing up for something interesting which is going to attract more customers to turn their heads for sure. The company has paired with Synaptics and is going to be the first smartphone manufacturer to have World’s first on-screen Fingerprint Sensor. Forbes reported the company has already started testing the fingerprint sensors.

So far the gadget world has seen smartphones with fingerprint sensors as physical buttons. With the introduction of In-display Fingerprint sensors, the smartphone industry is expecting to go on a different ride altogether. Synaptics is the first tech company that is responsible to bring the scroll wheel feature to iPad’s. Before this, Samsung used to buy more products from Synaptics and it is also rumored that Samsung would be the first company to introduce theIn-Fingerprint sensor in its latest model Samsung Galaxy S8. Adding to this, Samsung said that it is already mass producing the In-Fingerprint sensors and is in a tie-up with one of the top five OEMs. And from this, Vivo is expected to be a strong contender in introducing Synaptics Clear ID FS9500 On-screen Fingerprint.

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There is no official announcement from Vivo about is so far. So, we need to wait for an official confirmation on this. On the other hand, one of the top tech analyst Patrick Moorhead, in his tweets has mentioned that he had tested Vivo mobile with Synaptics In-screen Fingerprint sensor. And this information leads us that Vivo would be the first company to launch In-Screen Fingerprint sensor.

From the news of Synaptics, it can be expected that the company would present a live demo of this revolutionary In-Screen Fingerprint sensor during CES 2018 which is going to start from January 9, 2018. Stay tuned to 6Gadgets to know more updates on this.



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