Motorola Moto E4 Plus Becomes the Fastest Selling Motorola Smartphone Ever in Flipkart

The much awaited Moto E4 Plus smartphone, which was launched exclusively on Flipkart, crossed 1 Lakh units in sales within 24 hours. Following the midnight launch on 12th July, Flipkart sold at a rate of over 580 units per minute (for the first 60 mins). Close to 1.5 lakh customers showed interest in the product by visiting the product page in the first hour of going live.


The run up to the launch and sale was driven by an innovative marketing campaign from Flipkart, seamlessly combining social media and offline activation. In the 3-day long campaign, an innovatively designed, first of its kind “Mobile-Mobile Charger”- vans fitted with multiple charging points – travelled across Bangalore reaching out to customers with low battery woes. People could tweet #NeedPowerPlus and find out the location of the van. The campaign connected back to the Moto E4 Plus by showcasing it as a permanent solution to low battery problems thanks to its 5000 mAH battery. Overall, the campaign reached out to over 45 million people on social channels with impressions of over 71 million.

The demand for Moto E4 Plus has been the widest in terms of a number of cities since the state of UP has become recently serviceable for high-value products greater than 10K post introduction of GST. The contribution of the states of UP and Bihar combined is 12% of the overall sales number achieved.

Among the customers buying Moto E4 Plus, approximately 3% customers also used the consumer-friendly affordability initiative on Flipkart – BuyBack Guarantee. As part of the BuyBack Guarantee program, customers were offered a BuyBack price of INR. 4000 on the Moto E4 Plus if exchanged within 6-8 months of purchase.

First impressions of customers who received the smartphone within 24 hours of placing the order have been extremely positive, with the product rated 5 stars by more than 50% of buyers. Customers are loving the value for money proposition of the product given its premium metallic built and 5000 mAH battery. Customers are also appreciating the latest android OS in the new Moto E4 Plus which is a delight in this price point.

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