‘More than 600 apps had access to my iPhone data,’ report

People have lost trust upon using the social networking websites after encountering the personal data issues with Facebook through Cambridge Analytica. We all people are addicted to use different types of social networks to stay connected with our loved ones. However, there are companies who deal with your personal profile’s data. The data harvesting has becoming a multibillion dollar industry. They sell out your personal profile’s information to other companies without your knowledge and that’s how the entire industry is working. 

For this matter, many privacy campaigners and other technology companies have come together to let people aware about this new data harvesting industry and how the third parties are using their personal information to advertise products and more.

Frederike Kaltheuner who is a known data programme lead for lobby group Privacy International, has studied well on the same issue and she has shared a report on the same. According to her analyses, “Thousands of companies are in the business of harvesting your data and tracking your online behaviour.”

“It’s a global business. And not just online, but offline, too, via loyalty cards and wi-fi tracking of your mobile. It’s almost impossible to know what’s happening to your data.”

Interestingly, she has also shared some of the big names of the industry who are related to this data harvesting business. Companies such as Acxiom, Experian, Quantium, Corelogic, eBureau, ID Analytics are dealing with your personal data, according to US Federal Trade Commission.

She has also shared her personal views on her own phone. She said that over 600 apps have had access to her iPhone data over the last six years. After knowing the truth about her personal data being used by these apps, she went deeper to find out how the other third party applications are stealing your personal information and how you should be well aware about the same.

On the conclusion side, she comes to a conclusion that such data harvesting companies sell out your profile and personal information to other companies. The other companies make fake profiles with your own data and information with their requirements. They even make use of your contact information and emails to advertise their products.

Many of these companies sell out your personal contact information to the advertising companies who advertise various products via SMS, Phone Calls or through eMails.

How you can take control of your personal data? 

There are so many ways to stay away from the third party apps and their data stealing ways. You can make proper use of the Internet by blocking down the cookies. Make sure you to add-blocking software or tool while browsing the web. Make use of Incognito mode on your browser. At the end, you could make use of the VPNs as well.

Every third party apps first ask you to give them the permission of fetching data of your profile and your phone. Make sure not to give unnecessary permissions to such third party apps. These apps can get access of your phone’s data and this is how they can steal things from your device including your contacts, social networks and browsing.

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