Jio launches JioInteract AI-based brand engagement platform

Indian Telecom Operator, Reliance Jio has introduced their all new AI-based brand engagement platform called, JioInteract. The company has launched this new service to boost the brand engagement and its services for the customers. The new service uses Artificial Intelligence Technology. JioInteract feature is a part of the original MyJio App. 

According to this new JioInteract feature, the first platform would be Live Video Calls. This service features India’s most popular and well known celebrities. To start with this new interaction feature, Reliance Jio has hired none-other than Mr. Amitabh Bachchan, India’s Biggest Super Star. He is coming up with the new movie called ‘102 Not Out’ and on this platform, he will be promoting this movie. In their official statement, Reliance Jio has stated everything about this new JioInteract feature.

With this new Live Video Call service, the users of Jio and other smartphones using Reliance Jio’s network will be able to make video calls to Amitabh Bachchan. Users will be able to ask about his upcoming movie comedy-drama film ‘102 Not Out’ via the JioInteract platform. In the coming days, Jio to add  services such as video call centres, video catalogue, and virtual showrooms to their new JioInteract platform.

Moving on to its backup, Reliance Jio has over 186 Million active subscribers with 150 Million other smartphone users within the country.

According to Reliance Jio’s official statement, “Jio Interact is poised to become the largest platform for movie-promotion and brand engagement. Over the next few weeks, Jio will introduce services such as video call centres, video catalogue, and virtual showrooms to the forefront redefining customer experience.”

“This unique and innovative service uses a powerful artificial intelligence based platform to listen to user questions and respond to them in the most appropriate way. In addition, the platform has a unique auto-learning feature that helps improve the answering accuracy,” the statement further said.

In order to access the new JioInteract platform, customers need to install the MyJio app first on their respective smartphone running on Reliance Jio Network. In the MyJio App, there will be a new section called, JioInteract. You need to select this platform within the MyJio Application. Once launched, you will be able to make Video Calls to Mr. Amitabh Bachchan and start video chat with him. There is a Share button available which lets you share your Video Chat experience with your friends and family members instantly.

The new JioInteract feature uses advanced Artificial Intelligence Technology which listens to your voice or we can say questions and will respond with most appropriate answers. It also features auto-learning technology which learns new things itself and will make the platform more advanced.

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