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iOS 11 Officially Released: 5 Best New Features For Your iPhone and iPad

iOS 11: 5 Best New Features For Your iPhone and iPad

Apple’s iOS 11 update is available on all the iPhones and iPads from today with new features including the facility to customise Control Centre for the first time. iOS 11 won’t run all the Apple iPhones and iPads. So, if you have iPhone 5 or 5C, or iPad 4 or an older phone, then you can’t be able to have iOS 11. But most of the devices that were bought in the last few years are eligible for this update.

Since the new update won’t be giving its support to the 32-bit apps, have a check on your older apps that are not updated for a while now.

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5 Features of iOS 11

1.You can finally customise Control Centre

Control Centre and the widget-filled settings in the screen in the new update can be found at the bottom of the screen. The bottom of the screen has been redesigned to occupy more space on the screen. The best part about the redesign is that you can change what you can see on it.

If you long press on some of the widgets, you will get a popup for more options where you can see settings. But there is no direct option to get into settings though.

2. More emoji

There is a mix of new eclectic emojis available in iOS 11. In addition to this, there are a handful of new options to spice up your messaging experience. From zombies to pixies, breastfeeding mothers, there are plenty of emojis to choose from them.

3. The Files app

Apple iOS 11 adds a new built-in app cunningly called Files to access to a file system within iOS. Using ths, files can sort out the files on your iPhone or iPod, and certain apps, on iCloud Drive and also can add some of the third-party cloud lockers like Google Drive.

4. Type to Siri

You can’t imagine a software update from Apple without an update for Siri. If you are hating talking to Siri, but you still have questions to ask and want Siri to respond, you can now activate Type to Siri feature within the settings. If you are not careful here, Siri will respond with a voice.

5. Adblocking

The ads in between the apps must be annoying for you while accessing the apps all over the internet, but not anymore. These ads will be a thing of the past, thanks to a new on-by-default feature that stops ad firms from tracking your moves on the internet. The ad industry has a name for it, ‘sabotaging the economic model for the internet’. However, Apple calls it protecting user privacy.


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