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Google Launches Mobile Payment App “Tez” Download For iOS, Android

Google has launched its own digital payment application, Tez, available for both smartphone and desktop users officially. This is the first app from Google for digital payments for the Indian market. With this app, Indians now have another app to choose from where they want to pay for movie tickets, and other transactions online directly without directly involving bank details e every time you make a transaction.

Reportedly, other tech giants like Facebook, Amazon and WhatsApp are also eyeing on digital payments niche. Tez in Hindi means speed.

Google Tez is available on both Android and iOS and is powered by UPI, a payment protocol built by a government-backed organization NCPI.

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The Google Tez UPI-enabled digital payments app supports various local languages including Hindi, Bengali, Gujarati, Kannada, Marathi, Tamil and Telugu. The interface used in the app is straightforward. The company asks the users to enter the bank details of the user. It can be done easily by sending a text message from.their registered phone number through the Tez app’s interface. Once the user is verified, Google prompts the user to add a UPI PIN so that they can start making payments. The users see their friends using the Tez app.

There is a facility in the Google Tez “Cash mode” option, which transmits “audio” to identify the person nearby to you, and lets you pay or receive money when you’re able to find that user. The company has partnered with HDFC Bank, ICICI, and State Bank of India for backend processing with app to make the payments


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