Facebook’s Stories getting AR Drawing and Boomerang Feature

Facebook is adding new AR Drawing and Boomerang GIF features to their Stories. Yes, Facebook is acquiring the same features which Instagram has recently brought up. Facebook’s Stories feature has not been successful as Instagram Stories and Snapchat’s Stories feature. To encourage more users to use this Stories feature on Facebook, the giant is now updating the Stories feature by adding two new impressive features. 

Over the coming days, Facebook users will be able to make use of this new AR Drawing which is also known as AR Doodle and Instagram’s popular Boomerang feature to their Stories section. Facebook has introduced the Stories feature after Instagram, however the feature has not gained much users like Instagram. In order to let people use this feature, the giant is now relaunching the Stories by adding new features for the users.

According to reports, Facebook to implement new technology which lets you draw 3D drawing to your objects which looks like the real one. The new Augmented Reality based AR Doodle lets you draw a variety of things to the objects which you see through Facebook’s Stories Camera. When you are about to add a new Facebook Stories, you will be able to make use of these new features to finish the stories with.

Interestingly, the features can be explored in real time which means you can add the the drawings before or while you’re recording. This new feature lets you draw something out of the frame which looks fun. Over the days, the Social Network giant will add more brushes and other tools to make the most of this new AR Drawings feature.

Furthermore, the new AR Drawings make the most of the 3D objects within the area of your screen which adds more reality to your stories and to the objects. Such features are being introduced just to attract the new users of the platform. People always ready to explore new things and once these new features on the Facebook Stories are made available, hundreds of users will start using them just to know how these features work.

Facebook owned Instagram has cross-platform sharing option with which users of Instagram can also share their new stories on Instagram and Facebook at the same time, since the number of Stories users on Instagram are bigger than what Facebook Stories has. It is all up to the users whether they acquire the Facebook Stories or not. We will have to see how these new features will impress the remaining users of Facebook application.


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