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Facebook To Notify Users When Photos of Them Are Uploaded

There is a major improvement coming on Facebook soon. The company said on Tuesday that it would begin facial recognition technology to notify people on the website when others upload photos of them.

It was making the feature optional to allow people to protect their privacy, but then the company thought some people would like to be notified when their pictures are uploaded, said the company in a statement.

The feature would not be available immediately in the European countries and Canada. Privacy laws are generally stricter in those jurisdictions, though the company said they are hopeful of implementing this feature in the near future.

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Facial recognition technology is nothing new on Facebook and is in existence since 2010 when the social network began offering suggestions for whom to tag in a photo. It is up to the user whether to tag or not. Facebook creates what it calls a template of a person’s face by analyzing the pixels from the photos where the user has tagged already. It then compares the newly uploaded images to the template.

Taking about the new feature, the people who have opted to get the notification from Facebook, they would be notified even if the photo is the only one they have access to.

In addition to this, the company is planning to add “on/off” switch with which the users can control all the Facebook features related to Facebook recognition.

Facebook also said it is planning to use the facial recognition technology to notify the users if someone else uploads a photo of them as their Display Picture. The company said this would reduce impersonations of original profiles.

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