Facebook is Launching New Dating Feature to Compete Tinder

Facebook is all set to come up with a new dating feature to meet the friends who are not your friends. Facebook is now allowing the users to change their relationship status from Single to in a relationship by making use of the new Dating feature. According to resources, the giant may introduce this new dating feature later this year which would help you to create your own personal dating profile within the Facebook.


Facebook’s CEO, Mark Zuckerberg has announced their new venture to launch dating feature within the Facebook app at the annual F8 conference which was held in San Jose on Tuesday.

Interestingly, the new dating feature will be completely hidden from your friends who are there on your Facebook’s friends-list. The users will be able to create their separate profile on the Facebook. It will also matches you up with the love interest by suggesting you the like-minded people within the network. Yes, it will work like the popular dating app, Tinder with a different manner.

The app will automatically find out potential matches based on things in common, dating preferences and mutual friends. Apart from this, users can also search for the people by exploring the events they interested in and other groups.

Zuckerberg is providing a whole new platform for the users of other dating apps such as Tinder, Hinge, OkCupid, Bumple etc. Once the dating feature is available on the Facebooks app, all of the Facebook users will be able to find the love of their life within the same app. They don’t need to explore various other apps. Being the most popular social media network, pretty much everyone is using Facebook and all the interested people will also join the dating app of Facebook. This way, users will be able to catch up with their life partner or just a dating partner.

Facebooks has been the most convenient platform to set the date and meet the new people. In fact, with the same platform, many people have chosen their life partners and got married with them and they all are living a happy married life. With the use of this new dating feature, the platform will help many more people to find their love life and the life partner.

Since Facebooks is going to introduce this dating feature within their Facebook app on the Android and iOS platform, many users might not find it a good place for the dating purpose. They might want a separate app to use for the same purpose. Sadly, we don’t have much information about this new dating feature as the CEO has not spoken much about the same.

However, we would get more details as the feature will come closer to its launch.

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