BHIM App offers Cashback up to Rs 750 per month for customers

BHIM app doesn’t attract more eyeballs in the Indian market. The app was designed to let people make digital transactions at ease. However, people are more busy in using different kinds of apps which come with attractive offers for consumers. With respect to the current competition in the market, BHIM has started a new offer. The app offers Cashback up to Rs. 750 per month for customers.

Bharat Interface for Money which is known as BHIM app is Government Backed app which is now providing an attractive offer for both, merchants and customers. The new Cashback offer now lets you earn Cashback utpo Rs. 750 per month while the Merchants can get upto Rs. 1,000 Cashback per month. The offer is recently introduced by Union Minister of IT and Digital India, Ravi Shankar Prasad. He has made an announcement by sharing a Tweet from his official Twitter handle. You can find out the live embedded tweet from here.

If we talk about other digital payment services in India, Google’s own TEZ app has massive number of users around the country. Additionally, PayTM and PhonePe is also doing great in the market by sharing almost the same number of users. To give tough competition to other platforms, Indian Government has planned to attract new consumers by launching this new offers. This is an important step taken by the government to encourage the new and existing users to make transactions using BHIM app. The same will improve cashless transactions at user’s end.

According to new scheme, new consumers will get Rs. 51 Cashback for signing up to this platform. To do so, the customer has to complete the first transaction. You can simply start making use of this application as the app is available for free for Android and iOS users.

In order to install the BHIM app, just go to the Play Store and search for BHIM app right there. You would see an option of the app right there. Select the Install button and complete the process. Soon, BHIM app will be installed on your device and you would be able to start using the app right away!

Once done, just launch the app to a respective smartphone. The app will ask you to enter your cellphone number which is associated with your bank accounts. Make sure to put the right details of your mobile number and the bank account. Once done, make a transaction of Rs. 1 or more and you will get Rs. 51 to your bank account instantly.

The new offers are pretty attractive as they provide Cashback for all types of people who make a variety of transactions using this app. If you make 25 to 50 transactions every month, you will get Rs. 100 Cashback in your bank account. If you make 50 to 100 transactions every month, you will get Rs. 200 Cashback. If you make more than 250 transactions every month, you will get a cashback of Rs. 250. There is a different Cashback offer for the merchants which will earn them 10 percent of their transactions as Cashback through BHIM app.

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