Amazon Echo, Echo Dot gets discount as Google Home launches in India

A couple of days ago, Google has officially launched their much awaited, Google Home and Google Home Mini smart speakers in India. As Google Home launches, the rivals Amazon has decreased the prices of their Amazon Echo and Amazon Echo Dot smart speakers in India market. This is a limited time period offer and to grab the deal, you have to make your quick move! 

If we describe the current offer from Amazon, if you buy two Amazon Echo Dot speakers together, you will get an instant discount of Rs. 1,000. Similarly, if you buy two Amazon Echo Smart Speakers, you would get instant discount of Rs. 3,000.

Amazon’s this new offer on Amazon Echo smart speakers will is valid from April 06, 2018 to April 12, 2018. The discount will be applied during the checkout which means at the end of your Checkout process, the discount will be applied and you will get the products with the above mentioned discounts.

Currently, Amazon’s Echo Dot smart speaker is priced at Rs 4,499 and the Amazon Echo Smart Speaker is carrying a price tag of Rs. 9,999. Funny how the newly launched, Google Home and Google Home Mini smart speakers are available at the same price tags in Indian market for the consumers. By offering additional discounts, Amazon is trying to attract more consumers to buy their Amazon Echo speakers.

Amazon has its own bigger sibling of Smart Speaker named Amazon Echo Plus. Sadly, there is no any discount available on the bigger variant of Amazon Echo. Notably, Google didn’t introduce their Google Home Max smart speaker, and for that very same reason, Amazon has not included their Amazon Echo Plus smart speaker to this offer.

The above offer makes it clear that the competition in the Smart Speakers category is increasing and eventually, this would help the consumers like us who are really eager to buy the new Smart Speaker.

Moving on to the specs, Amazon’s Echo Dot smart speaker is a compact variant of Amazon’s Smart Speaker lineup which comes in two different color variants, Black and White. It is powered by Amazon’s own Alexa voice assistant. It also comes with voice recognition technology with which you can control a variety of things. It has built-in speakers with which you can make voice calls. It also features Bluetooth and a 3.5mm AudioJack.

On the other hand, Amazon’s Echo Smart Speaker comes with a cylindrical design. The Speaker features a 2.5-inch downward-firing woofer for quality sound. It has built-in Bluetooth and comes with Dolby Digital sound. The Speaker is equipped with new Microphone technology which can easily pick up your voice from long distance.

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