Motorola is Secretly Working on an Android Tablet: Expected to Bring a New Productivity mode

Back in 2011, Motorola released an Android-powered tablet with Xoom as its moniker. It was the first tablet to run Android Honeycomb 3.1, and CNET named it the “Best of the CES” 2011. Since then Motorola didn’t attempt to make any tablets, and now Android Police reported that Motorola appears to be working on a tablet.

The report stated that a 9-to-10-inch Motorola tablet is in development and the site also posted a screenshot of the device which refers to the productivity mode that the tablet will feature. This mode enables users to pin apps to the nav bar, switch back and forth between them without having to go back to the home screen or multitask UI.

To close the app, you need to long-press on an icon and drag it up. This app-pinning feature resembles Windows OS, but regardless of its resemblance, it will make multitasking easy. Copying is accepted as long as it makes our interface easier instead of making it more complicated. As of this writing, we only have a screenshot to discuss, and as we learn more about this mystery tablet, we will let you know.

Life under Lenovo brought many changes to Motorola, the major change being the design language of the most famous G-series, and also the introduction of the Z-series. Lenovo is one of the world’s top five smartphone makers, but it has no market share in the U.S.

To make its way into the U.S market it needs to have good relationships with the U.S carriers, and Motorola is really good at that. By buying Motorola, Lenovo is aiming to enter the U.S market by wearing the Motorola overcoat.

Coming back to the mystery Motorola tablet, we have no details regarding the specifications and hardware choices. We all know that Android tablets are plagued by various factors, and they didn’t win the tablet race until now. The obvious choice for a person to buy a tablet would be an iPad, and recently Apple released $329 iPad to take on the tablet market.


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