Canon IXUS 155 Compact Camera Review

Canon IXUS 155 Compact Camera Review

Canon IXUS 155 Compact Camera Review The lowdown

Canon IXUS 155 Compact Camera Review This 20-megapixel compact camera is fitted with a 10x image-stabilised zoom with a 24 to 240 millimetre range, in film equivalent. The LCD monitor is small (6.75 centimetres) and very low resolution – 230,000 dots. The body is small and light. There are some manual controls and it can be used in P (Program) mode. Video recording is in medium high-definition 720-pixel format.

Canon IXUS 155 Compact Camera Review


The small form has its appeal, easily fitting a pocket or bag. Image quality is OK when ISO sensitivity is kept low.

Even at ISO100, images look heavily processed, but you see that only at maximum enlargement. Don’t go above ISO200 and you will get good images for sharing on the interweb or with small prints.


Auto white balance is poor in anything other than straight sunlight. The LCD is inadequate both as a viewfinder and for reviewing photos. Images are much better than they appear on the screen, which makes it impossible to judge when exposure compensation is needed.


Canon’s Ixus compacts are usually good value for customers with modest photo ambitions, but this one looks like a product of the marketing-by-numbers department: 20 million pixels are too many for a compact sensor. Canon’s excellent Powershot S200, which costs $100 more, has a 10-megapixel sensor and a 5x zoom, proving again that less is more. So what we have in the Ixus 155 is a cheap camera with the specification numbers of a DSLR. Bamboozling the customer with unrealistic specifications does not seem like the way to beat the smartphone.


Specifications : 

Sensor resolution: 20 megapixels, Sensor size: 1/2.3in, Viewfinder: No, LCD screen: 2.7in (230,000 dots), Optical zoom (35mm-equivalent focal lengths): 10x (24-240mm), 35mm-equivalent aperture: f/16-39, Weight: 138g, Size (HxWxD): 57x95x24mm


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