No Budget For iPhone 8, X? Buy GooPhone i8 X, at Rs. 6500 Clone to iPhone

Disappointed with the price of the brand new Apple iPhone8 and iPhone X? Don’t be. Goophone i8 is here with us launched after the launch of Apple’s iPhone8 with the same features and an affordable price of $100. Let us look further into the specifications of this clone iPhone.

There are always new players in the game of the international trade, who hardly care for patent law and can help those who can’t afford the original ones and sell off for a cheap price. It is doubly vexing for legitimate iPhone owners that the iPhone poseurs pay low monthly fees and own the phones that appear almost identical to the Apple phones. And the price is very minimal.

The arrival of the ‘GooPhones’ brings up many questions like, are these Chinese companies knock off as good as the real thing? Is it legal to own or to import these ‘iPhones’? iPhones are mostly semi-legal.

They became semi-legal with a chaotic nature of an international intellectual property rights law. In the late 80s and 90s, China and the US signed a number of bilateral and international agreements that normally require each nation to respect each other’s intellectual property rights and laws. In other words, US patent possesses validity in China. But in reality, both Chinese and US courts heavily side with their respective domestic companies and them often overriding the validity of the foreign laws. This one falling in the international law opened up the door for the GooPhone.

Specs of GooPhone i8

  • 4.7” is the display of Goophone i8 is similar to that of the iPhones on the front which copies the design of iPhone 8 leaving strips without utility.
  • The home button is at the touch of the device in the front side of the device, and with a false fingerprint sensor. The backside of the device is made of a metal frame and with the same size as the iPhone7 and with a curve of 2.5D. There is no headset port for this device and the buttons and outputs are in the same places as the iPhone.
  • The front camera is 8MP but not as good as the quality of an iPhone. A single rear 13MP camera is there at the front and a vertically located flash is set to the device.
  • MTK 6582 Quad-Core processor is used with 1GB or RAM and with an internal memory of 8GB. The device is available in red, black, gold and gray colors.
  • Android 6.0 with a layer of iOS 10, 3G WCDMA 850/2100 are used. Bluetooth, Wifi, GPS, and a battery life of 1.650mAh are used in the device.
  • The overall price for the device is available at $98 and the rest considering shipping charges.

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