50$ Tablet by Amazon

50$ Tablet by Amazon – Price Review Specifications

Amazon's hardware division may be down, but it's not out — at least according to The Wall Street Journal, which reported on Tuesday the e-commerce giant is set to release a $US50 ($71.25) Android tablet with a 6-inch screen in time for Christmas. If true, this would make it one of the least expensive tablets on the market, and less than half the price of Amazon's Fire HD…

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Samsung Galaxy Tab S2, Sony Z4 Tablet

Samsung Galaxy Tab S2, Sony Z4 Tablet – Solid Challengers to iPad

Samsung Galaxy Tab S2, Sony Z4 Tablet : Android tablets have long been second-class citizens compared to Apple's iPad, but two new devices from Sony and Samsung are challenging this idea. The Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 and the Sony Xperia Z4 are fantastic handheld computers. Both can connect to 4G, have beautiful screens, and you can upgrade storage on either with a…

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