SpaceVR, SpaceX to send VR camera into space, to bring 'astronaut-like' experience to all

SpaceVR, SpaceX to send VR camera into space, to bring ‘astronaut-like’ experience to all

Space: The virtual reality technology is growing at a quicker pace after the public release of Google VR Boxes. This technology allows you to see and experience things which are not around you or are far away from you. All you need is a virtual reality box with proper equipment. This set will allow you to go to another world. You will be able to feel what astronauts see when they leave earth.

A huge Start-up which is named as Space VR which is now working hard to send equipment and other required things required for virtual reality to space. This start-up is running with an intention to take some footages from the space then make it available after for the normal people after some modifications which will make an experience to see what astronauts see while they are in space. The start-up wants to distribute this footage to different channels, and it will be available for all major VR headsets which include Oculus Rift and HTC vibe.

For launching this VR camera into the space to shoot footages SpaceVR compiled a team with SpaceX. This will result into a launching of the camera on one of the SpaceX launches in August to the low orbit of the earth.

This is a long process. According to report this camera will reach in the low earth orbit, and it will start recording two or three-hour footages every month, and this will last till nine months. Also after nine months the camera and the other equipment made device will fall back on the surface of the earth and hopefully it will burn up due to the atmosphere of earth. There won’t be any loss of data as all the footages which are recorded by the camera will be transmitted by X and S band microwaves with radio transmission while the cameras and other devices are in orbit. This will ensure perfection in the footage recording, and if anything gets wrong, they will have a chance to solve it rather than sending the machine back to solve the issues.

As a concern of money, SpaceVR has a huge kick starter. According to reports, they raised $1.25 million however they are getting the most of the fund by china’s Shanda group. Additionally, they raised a good fund with the help of HTC Vibe’s just launched programme called VR for Impact Fund. This funding is especially for giving a positive and good impact to society and further development of VR projects.

“I saw what happened to the astronauts after that experience. I saw them as being much better people, much more connected to other people [as a result of] seeing our place in the universe. I realised that once that happens to everyone, we’ll fundamentally live in a different world as a species, because we’ll all think differently. My goal is to catalyse that [astronaut experience] by sending this VR camera into space so people can really see what it’s like,” SpaceVR’s CEO, Ryan Holmes told Mashable.


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