Samsung Gear 360 to release on April 29

Samsung Gear 360, the cutesy looking apparatus’s release was confirmed by the electronics company today at the Samsung Developer Conference 2016.

Along with the Samsung Galaxy S7 and the Galaxy S7 Edge, the Samsung Gear 360 was revealed two months ago. It is Samsung’s first virtual reality camera with the ability to shoot videos in 360-degrees. It comes loaded with two 15-megapixel f/2.0 fisheye lens cameras, IP53 certification for dust and water resistance. All of this is packaged inside a light and compact design.

Although the Samsung Gear 360’s release in select countries has been confirmed by the Seoul based company, the official price tag of the virtual reality camera has not been disclosed yet.

Given that April 29 is the release date for the Gear 360 this rather important bit of information should arrive soon enough.

However, information known to us is that the device is retailing for about 350 euros in Europe, which tallies to about $400 USD approximately. It could certainly be a big development if Samsung can stick in that general $350-$400 bracket.

Now, $350-$400 for a tiny racquetball sized camera might sound quite exorbitant but given that it is a 4K 360-degree camera, it is a great price deal these days. Also, the fact that Samsung Gear 360 plays so nicely with Samsung handsets and the Gear VR, it has a killer potential for a great VR ecosystem from Samsung.

In addition to the pair of fisheye F2.0 lenses, the 153-gram camera can hold up to 128GB of content on its internal microSD and can record for up to 140 minutes of active use.

The camera has some cool playback features that play well with the new Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge smartphones. You can live-preview content captured on the Gear 360, and, after recording it, you can opt to save footage to a phone over WiFi for 2D viewing on the mobile app or a true 360 experience through the Gear VR. Past that, you can also share your captured content directly to 360 video-compatible services like YouTube or Facebook.

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