GoPro Fusion 360-degree Action Camera Launched in India

Action Camera maker GoPro has announced their all new GoPro Fusion 360-degree action camera in Indian tech-market. The camera can shoot 360-degree content at 5.2K resolution with up to 60fps of frame rate. The all new GoPro Fusion 360-degree action camera was launched at the Consumer Electronics Show 2018 in the January Month at Las Vegas. The Camera is now making its way to more markets around the world. 

The GoPro Fusion camera comes with an 18 Megapixel of camera which has two CMOS sensors at both the sides. This will let users shoot 360-degree contents through the camera. Being an advanced camera, the GoPro Fusion features a small LCD screen on the front which lets you make proper changes to the camera and its functionality.

The camera comes with two different slots for a microSD, microSDHC and microSDXC cards. Since the camera is compatible to record videos at 5.2K Resolution, it requires two high-performance cards on the camera. The 5.2K contents will be stored in the advanced memory cards and it will work further for processing the videos.

GoPro Fusion is a new generation Action Camera from GoPro. Being an advanced camera, the camera has water resistant body. It would be fully water resistant upto 5 meter. Interestingly, the new GoPro Fusion has built-in voice assistant which hears your commands and works accordingly. If you don’t want to use the camera manually, you can ask the camera to do various tasks and it will work accordingly.

GoPro Fusion’s built-in Voice Assistant supports 10 different languages. The camera offers almost all types of connectivity options such as GPS, Bluetooth, WiFi. There is a microUSB Port available for charging the camera. It also supports fast charging technology which lets you recharge the camera super faster.

Apart from this, GoPro Fusion is compatible to work with iOS and Android platforms with the use of Mobile OverCapture feature. Once enabled, you can view the live preview of the camera to your Mobile phone. You can even control the camera and can share items from Camera to smartphones.

GoPro Fusion Camera shoots videos at 30 fps for 5.2K resolution and at 60fps for 3.2K resolution. User can manually change the video shooting mode using the Settings menu from the camera. With the Action Camera, you would receive Camera Grip and a Carry Case. You would also get gimbal-like stabilisation for recording videos more smoothly.

GoPro Fusion Camera is priced at Rs. 60,000 in Indian market and it will be available at all the major camera outlets within the country including Croma and other retailers. In future, the camera will also be available for purchase through online retailers.

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