Samsung Introduces Cash Back Rewards on Samsung Pay

South Korean giant, Samsung has introduced a new Cash Back Rewards program for the users of Samsung Pay. Samsung Pay is a popular digital payment service which uses an advanced technology to make transactions using the app. With this new program, you can earn cash by making use of Samsung Pay on your Samsung Galaxy smartphone. 

Samsung Pay comes as a default payment app on Samsung Galaxy devices. Just to attract more users to this platform, Samsung has decided to offer Cash Backs on the transactions they made using Samsung Pay service.

The Cash Back Reward Program is currently introduced for the users of the United States. With this new option, the giant has also changed the entire User Interface of the app. The new app now has a separate section on the homepage. The section will show you exclusive offers from the retailers which you can go for to earn cash backs. If you liked something to purchase out from that section within the Samsung Pay app, you will receive some of the percentage of the base price. The credited amount will be added to your Samsung Pay’s wallet.

The money which you receive to your Samsung Pay’s Wallet can be spent out on other future purchases from the platform.

Samsung Pay was launched three years back and it gained millions of users worldwide. People do like the idea behind this service and they all are happily using this app while purchasing things from retailers and online e-commerce websites.

All the Samsung Pays enabled stores have Checkout Register where users can make the payments using this service just by waving their phone. You don’t need to swipe down the credit or debit card for making payment as Samsung Pay will handle it carefully. This new feature will add customer loyalty as mentioned above, the new Cash Back Rewards Program will attract more consumers to use this service in the coming days.

To make the service more advanced, Samsung has recently updated the Samsung Bixby Assistant which lets you give more information about where a particular item will be available for purchase just by taking a snap of that product. By the passing of time, Samsung’s Bixby Assistant is improving and adding new features to make the service more hassle-free.

Starting from this month, you will be able to make use of this program and start earning rewards on the items which you purchase through Samsung Pay service. Samsung will soon expand this service to more markets worldwide, however there is no any information about the availability of this new program available at this moment. The company has denied on speaking anything regarding the availability of this feature on other markets.


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