Instagram adds native payments in the app

Instagram has quietly added a new feature called native payments in the app. Instagram has over a billion active users who are using the platform on a regular basis to share their images, videos and more. And now, the photo-sharing platform adds native payments allowing users to add credit and debit card with their Instagram profile. Users will also be able to add security Pin code for their profile. 

Last year, Instagram confirmed that they will bring new platform within the Instagram app which lets users book various businesses and services online. At presently, the feature is rolled out for limited number of users. Instagram has partnered with local businesses and other partners to provide ease of communication and user friendly interface.

Soon, you will be able to book movie tickets, appointments and more from within the app. Some of the users of the United States and United Kingdom have got the access to use this Payments section within their Instagram application. They all have confirmed the same to many giant tech blogs.

By enabling this new Payments section, Instagram will be eyeing on the e-commerce segment where more advertisers would post their ads and encourage users to purchase their items through the platform. Instagram would let them pay for their purchases instantly without using any other app.

According to sources, the Payments service of Instagram has three sections. Activity section shows the things you have recently purchased on Instagram. Since the service is just launched, this activity section would be empty if you got the service to your app. The next section is Profile where you can set up your own profile. You can add your credit or debit card details, your information and much more there. The third section is Security option which allows you to change the Security code of your profile.

This new Native Payments feature is currently under development process as the giant is looking for feedbacks from the testers who have enabled this feature on their application. By receiving good feedback from the users, the giant will complete its development and will be done with other deals with the partners and other business around the countries where the service will be first made available.

In terms of its technical side, the Native Payments feature is backed by Facebook Payment service. Since Instagram is acquired by Facebook, the giant will have the same interface of like Facebook. The feature is yet to go official and we will have to wait for that.

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