Google Maps allows you to change the Vehicle Icon in Navigation

Google’s popular Google Maps is adding a new feature which lets the users change Vehicle Icon in Map Navigation while using the Google Maps. Google Maps is one of the best Navigation System Service available on both, Android and iOS platform. The service is improving day by day with new features. Today, Google has added new feature that lets you change the Navigation Icon. 

In order to reach out to your destination, until now, there is a blue colored big arrow available as driving navigation. By adding new feature, users would be able to select the driving navigation icon from different icons available. This new feature is here just to enjoy the navigation period as there is no any new functionality added.

A User Experience Engineer of Google Maps Team, Munish Dabas has announced this new feature on the Google Maps via Tweet. He has shared this information by making a Tweet from his official Twitter handle. He has been quite an active person on Twitter when it comes to make any new announcement regarding the Google Maps and its related updates.

According to his official tweet, “Starting today in iOS Google Maps, you can swap out your vehicle in driving nav. Simply tap on the arrow when you start navigation to see available options. Congrats to the team!” You can find out the live tweet which is embedded here.

Well, the new Driving Navigation feature is only available for iOS platform at this moment and it will take some time to reach out to the Android and Desktop platforms. This looks unusual but this is the fact, the new update first rolled out to iOS users and not the Android users by the giant.

In order to make use of this new Driving Navigation Icon, all you have to do is just start the Google Maps on a respective iOS device first. Make sure to launch the driving navigation page. By default, you could see Blue colored navigation arrow. As you can see in the above listed image, you would be provided three different options, a red sedan, a green pickup truck, and a yellow minivan as new navigation icons within the app to choose from. Just select any of these icons and the navigation icon on the Google Maps will be changed instantly.

The new Driving Navigation Icon feature is currently rolling out in India on iOS platform. The same will be released for Android platform in the coming days. This new feature will surely add more fun to the regular users of Google Maps as it looks pretty much attractive to everyone. People would definitely going to like this minor update on the Google Maps app.

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