Google Assistant on Wear OS gets smart suggestions and more

Google has added a bunch of new features for Google Assistant on Wear OS platform. Google Assistant is undoubtedly the best virtual assistant available in the market. Google is expanding the Assistant to more third party devices due to high competition in the market. If you’ve been using Wear OS based Android Watch, the Assistant on the Wear OS becomes more advanced with an update. 

Google has announced new features on Google Assistant for Wear OS such as smart suggestions and actions for smartwatches running on Wear OS operating system. According to their official statement, the new features on the Wear OS will be available on public domain in the coming days.

To start with the Smart Suggestions feature, users will be able to select from a list of questions which is known as smart suggestions for the users of Wear OS. The list will also include most common queries. So for your query, the Assistant will show you more related suggestions so you can get the perfect answer of your queries and questions asked through Google Assistant.

This new Smart Suggestions feature will definitely going to become the best updated feature on the Assistant as it will develop more trust on the service. Smart Suggestions will give you the perfect answers to your questions and queries.

On the other hand, the giant has also introduced the new Actions features to Google Assistant on Wear OS platform for the Smartwatches. If we talk about this new Actions feature, the Google Assistant will be at your service for getting done many of your routine tasks.

You can get done a variety of tasks using the new Actions for getting directions, booking a movie tickets, manage your shoppings, play games, set alarms, find out pricing of online products, make video calls, control cars, watch movies on Android TV and much more. Actions feature is nothing but pre-set actions which catches up your quick command.

According to sources, there are over a million such built-in actions available on the Google Assistant for the users. You can learn it by yourself and it will amaze you every time you make use of it through your Smartwatch running on Wear OS.

Additionally, there is a new feature which lets Assistant read out your responses more louder. By now, you don’t need to read out the responses as Google Assistant on Wear OS will handle up the tasks and it will speak up the responses through the speaker so you could hear it well.


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