New Report Suggests that iPhone 8 Will Feature Touch ID Directly on the OLED Screen

We already know that Apple’s much-awaited 10th-anniversary phone is in pipeline, and not even a single day passes without a rumour regarding the phone. We have previously heard that the iPhone 8 will either feature a touch ID directly integrated into the display or else Apple will place the traditional fingerprint scanner on the back of the phone due to the production issues.

But a fresh report suggests that the Cupertino giant will not go for the traditional fingerprint scanner, and irrespective of its complexity it will embed the scanner into the display. According to Economic Daily News, the iPhone 8 will use a new optical fingerprint sensor technology which lets users place their fingers directly on the OLED display and have the phone scan the fingerprints.

On the previous iPhone, i.e., iPhone 7, the screen ration was 16:9, and now on the iPhone 8, it is expected to be 18:5:9. Also, according to some trusted sources, the iPhone 8 will feature invisible Infrared sensors for the enhanced camera and augmented reality features.

The iPhone 8 will be a radical update in terms of both design and functionality, with a stainless steel and glass chassis. The display size is rumoured to be 5.8-inches, but what’s more interesting here is that the device will be smaller than the 4.7-inch iPhone 7 as the front face will be nearly bezel-less and dominated by the screen.

Apple’s 10th-anniversary phone will be powered by a more powerful 10NM A11 chipset. Other extra features include 3D Touch gen2, 1GB modem with a DL of 1GBPS, fast charging because of its two-cell battery, and infrared depth-sensing for facial recognition. Apple will debut the iPhone 8 in the fall, and all these premium features will cost you a bit higher than the current iPhone models.

The company will also be launching the standard iPhone 7s and iPhone 7s+ along with the iPhone 8, which will largely resemble the current generation iPhone 7 and iPhone 7+ and will be priced at usual levels.


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