Apple to manufacture iPhone 6s Plus in India

Apple has its own manufacturing space in India where they are manufacturing low-end iPhone i.e. iPhone SE. Until now, iPhone SE was the only smartphone to be manufactured in India. The production of the iPhone SE was began last year and now the company plans to expand the production of one more device through India-based production space in India i.e. Apple iPhone 6s Plus. Yes, the iPhone 6s Plus would be manufactured in India. 

According to reports by Economic Times, the trial production of Apple iPhone 6s Plus will begin from India-based space. Being the highest selling iPhone in India, the iPhone 6s Plus would be much cheaper once the production starts from within the country. The production of this iPhone 6s Plus will start with contract manufacturer Wistron in Bengaluru, two senior executives have said this in their report.

The commercial production of the iPhone 6s Plus in India will take place in the next 1 to 2 weeks. As per their official reports, the locally produced iPhone 6s Plus will be priced as low as 5 to 7% of its base price which is indeed a very good thing for all the consumers who are still hoping to get the new iPhone 6s Plus. Soon, you will be able to get the iPhone 6s Plus smartphone at a cheaper price tag. The price reduction will affect once the production of the phone begin from India-based space and the availability of its units.

Until now, the iPhone 6s Plus smartphone was developed in China and with respect to the major chunk with the imports units, the pricing of this new iPhone 6s Plus smartphone may vary for sometimes. So initially, the buyers may not be able to see the price correction.

As per the insider’s report,  “However, the price correction may not be reflected immediately since Wistron will not be able to fully meet the entire requirement of iPhone 6s Plus in India and imports from China will continue”.

Hong Kong based counterpoint estimates that the iPhone 6 series devices contributes almost one third of total sales of the iPhones’ selling in the previous year i.e. 2017. This data is less than 15% of the iPhone SE’s which is locally manufactured within the country. Apparently, the home production of iPhone 6s Plus will gradually increase the number of its sales and overall consumers within the country. Apple may also start exporting the India manufactured iPhone 6s Plus smartphones to various countries around the world.


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